How do I become a Team Reidsville MVP?

            We hope the Team Reidsville Training Camp will return in 2022! 

UPDATE: COVID- 19 has changed all of our lives. We held our first Training Camp (Citizen's Academy) in 2019, but then the pandemic hit. Plans are to revisit the issue this fall and, hopefully, have the Training Camp return in the spring of 2022. Check back later for more info as it becomes available!

The City of Reidsville, encouraged by the positive feedback from the 2019 citizen’s academy, was gearing up for the 2020 Team Reidsville Training Camp when the COVID-19 Pandemic struck.  The training camp consisted of seven consecutive weeks of learning sessions, ending with “graduation” at a Reidsville City Council meeting.   

“Our first citywide citizens academy in 20-plus years that we held in 2019 was very successful,” said Training Camp Coordinator & City Clerk Angela Stadler back in 2020. “We had a mixture of new and long-time residents, many of whom didn’t know about many of the services that the City provides. We used an interactive format as much as possible, and I think our residents really enjoyed it.”     

The first Training Camp was open to any adult aged 16 or older living inside the City limits. Sometimes this can be confusing to people who have a Reidsville address but don’t actually live inside the corporate limits, Stadler said. Participants also have to commit to attending a majority, if not all, of the weekly sessions. Plans are to limit the number to no more than 11 residents.     

When the Training Camp gears up again, applications will be available online at through the Quick Links button or at Hard copies of the application will also be available at different City facilities, including Reidsville City Hall, the Police Department, Fire Station #1, the Parks & Recreation Center and RCARE. Those selected will be notified by email, letter or phone call, depending on what they specify on their application.    

Upon graduation, the next set of residents will become only the City’s second group of recognized Training Camp MVPs. Each graduate receives a certificate and Team Reidsville MVP t-shirt.     

The 2019 format had residents attending on Tuesday nights, beginning at 5:30 p.m. and ending no later than 8 p.m. The first session starts off with a welcome from Reidsville's Mayor, and participants are given a brief history of the City, learning about the form of government here in Reidsville and the different roles of the City Manager and City Council, and hear about the City’s logo and branding. Other sessions will focus on planning and economic development, including the City’s Main Street program; emergency management services, such as Police and Fire, City budgeting and Human Resources, along with Information Technology; Public Works; and Parks & Recreation. Several of the sessions will feature hands-on activities and tours of City facilities.      

We will include information about the latest Team Reidsville Training Camp as it develops!